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Welcome to Computer Repair Jackson TN.  Now you may ask, “why such an unusual name for a website?”  However, there is a reason this particular combination of words was chosen.  But before I explain this let me say if your just looking for computer repair and don’t want to read the rest of the story; you will find the contact info for the computer repair tech that I recommend in Jackson TN on the right column of this page under recommendations.

Now back to why a site called Computer Repair Jackson TN.

You see when a person begins having computer problems, let’s say they need virus removal and spy-ware removal, or maybe they need help with document recovery or data recovery. Or maybe they just need to back up the information on their computer. Whatever the case may be, a person will log onto the internet and they might do a search for “computer repair services” or “computer troubleshooting”.  Chances are good that you landed on this site after searching for something related to computer repair in Jackson TN.

I’m really glad you found this site, because unlike most other sites that may have came up under a search for a computer repair technician, I do not own a computer repair business nor do I know how to fix a computer.  I couldn’t tell you the difference in memory, ram, processor, or an operating system if my life depended on it and thankfully it doesn’t or I’d be in big trouble.

I’m actually an impartial consumer who was once in your shoes and had a bad enough experience looking for and hiring a computer repair technician that it motivated me enough to create this site to help protect you.

Perhaps you are like me and find that one of the most frustrating things to have is a computer running slow. Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m not to date with the latest technology and a computer upgrade is not something I do on a regular basis, so I don’t want the one operating computer I have to be running slow.

Maybe you have seen the video of the man smashing his computer with the keyboard and then kicking the monitor after he knocked it off the desk top.  While that was not me in the video, I can certainly understand the guy’s feelings and maybe you have had an issue similar to his with keeping your computer working. After seeing this guys experience, I realized I’m not the only person in the world who has problems keeping a computer running smoothly.

After being frustrated several times trying to figure out how to do a data backup with a failed experience each time, I decided I did not know enough about computers to justify continuing to try this on my own and it was time to call a computer repair service.

I was looking for a technician who offered mobile computer repair.  This is where a professional comes to my house to fix my computer or at the very least remote computer repair, which is computer troubleshooting that is done online over the internet.

Finding a qualified experienced computer technician, turned out to be harder than I expected.  Sure, I found many so called computer experts online. Some had fancy sites and you could submit a service request online.  They even promised only the best computer diagnostic equipment.

I don’t want to throw any “computer repair business” under the bus, but if a “computer repair technician” doesn’t know any more about memory, hard drive, or ram than I do, I’m not sure they are qualified to be labeled as  a computer tech.

I at least want somebody working on my computer who doesn’t have to ask me questions about what how much memory, how big the hard drive is, or how much ram I have.  I’m paying you to do this because I don’t know about all this computer stuff.  To me ram is a truck, a hard drive is driving from Los Angeles to New York with no bathroom break, and memory is something I seem to be losing the older I get.

So when it is time to choose a computer repair service and you get on the information highway and type “computer repair Jackson TN” into a search engine, I hope your experience in choosing a computer tech is not like the one I just told you about.

On a side note, I did find a very qualified, experienced technician who is very professional and knows the answers to any question I may have.  They do offer remote computer repair or mobile computer repair if you need that.  You can submit a service request online, they also have the best computer diagnostic equipment, and the technician is able to explain memory, ram and hard drive in a way that even I can understand it.

So if you need a computer repair specialist contact Jeff with Madison PC, you can find his contact information on the right side of this page.  You’ll be glad you did.

Can lost files be found?

When the worst happens to your computer and all your files disappear, never worry! There are a number of quality data recovery companies that are able to restore your critical files quickly and easily.

Instead of tearing out your hair over a stubborn computer that is holding that essential file hostage, let the worries slide away and send off your hard drive to a data recovery company. These companies work their magic and recover files of all sizes in a remarkably quick turn around time. This service is essential for any individual or business that has fallen onto hard times with their computer.

Most data recovery companies operate over the internet and occupy cyberspace as they would a store front. If you find yourself in need of a quality company to find your files, as I often do, perhaps you may turn to a search engine..

A simple search of search engines will produce hundreds of quality companies eager to solve your every problem. Before you send off your hard drive, carefully evaluate the chosen company to ensure it is legitimate and reputable. Using an incorrect company may result in further headaches and a loss of money for services not rendered.

Upon your search for a data recovery company, investigate their capabilities and services. Choosing a company that will best serve your needs will ensure the greater success in the end. You may need to compare services versus charges for these data recovery companies.

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” could not be truer when it comes to regaining your lost files. If you are taking the trouble to send off your hard drive in an attempt to reclaim critical files for business or personal reasons, then you should be prepared to spend the appropriate amount of money to get the job done. However, just because one data recovery is more expensive than another one does not mean the pricier company is more successful.

When choosing a data recovery company to reclaim your files, consider contacting individuals who has used their services in the past. This recommendation to use or to avoid the company may be an excellent method to choosing a company.

Also, contact the company directly and explain your specific situation. A representative for the company will be able to discuss the possibility of the recovery of your files and the estimated cost of their services. You should be sure to inquire the expense if the company is unable to recover the lost files. Many companies offer to return your hard drive without charging for their services if they are unable to deliver your compromised files.

Whichever data recovery company you entrust to regain your lost files, be sure to keep the company’s contact information if you are pleased with the services rendered. Having this resource can be invaluable if a similar fate befalls your files in the future and you need a reputable source to recover these files as quickly as possible. If you are pleased with the data recovery company, be sure to tell other individuals in your predicament, this is precisely what I have chosen to do with this website. I have found Madison PC to be extremely helpful resource when I need computer repair.

How to clean the browser cache of the 3 most used web browsers! Step by step instructions.

When you use a web browser (Internet Explorer, Opera etc) and view web pages these files are automatically saved on your computer. These are known as browser cache or temporary internet files.

Each browser users a different location on your computer to save its ‘cache’, and each browser has its own way of clearing this cache. If these aren’t cleaned out regularly they can consume a large amount of space on your computer!

Below we show you a step by step method for cleaning browsers, Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox.

Internet Explorer
The first step in clearing the cache/temporary internet files for Internet Explorer is to open a browser window, and select ‘Tools’ from the top menu and then select ‘Internet Options’ (last item).

Once this window loads up, we are looking for the ‘Delete Files’ button. Click this button then tick the box ‘Delete all offline content’, then click Ok. This can take a while to process if there is a lot of files to delete. Once done, click ‘Ok’ and close the control panel window.

To clean the cache in Opera open the browser then select ‘Tools’ from the top menu, and go down to ‘Preferences’. On the left hand side of the preferences screen, click the label ‘History and Cache’. On the right side of the window you will have a button that says ‘Empty now’, select this button. If you have a lot of files in the cache this can take a while to process. Once done, click ‘Ok’ then close the browser window.

Cleaning Firefox’s cache is similar to the other browsers. First, open a Firefox browser window, and click ‘Tools’ from the top menu. Then go down to Options’. When the window has opened click on the Privacy icon (on the left). On the right hand screen, you will have a button down the bottom that says ‘Clear’, which is to the right of the word ‘Cache’. Click this button to clear the Firefox cache. Once done, click Ok and close the browser window.

Emergency Computer Repair

If you’ve ever had a computer go down in the middle of the busiest part of your day, you know how annoying it can be, especially when every minute you’re down means you’re losing money. Add to that frustration the fact that your “busiest time” is after most computer repair services have closed and all their techs are home enjoying the evening. If this has ever happened to you you know how important a good emergency computer repair technician is to your company.

Click Below For

Emergency Computer Repair

It is times like these when a 24 hour  emergency computer repair technician is worth what ever it cost to get them out of bed and on their way to your place of business to repair an PC problems you may be having.

I’ve had to call a computer tech on more than one occasion after normal business hours.  Through my experience I’ve learned some techs are not happy to be “bothered” after hours while others understand your situation and although going back to work after a long hard may not be their favorite thing to do, they know your company depends on people like them to be successful.

I can’t speak for every computer service repair company in town that offers after hours computer repair, but I can speak for one.  Madison PC has came to my rescue several times when I needed after hours IT support.  While they do charge a service fee that starts from the time the tech leaves his home, I don’t mind the charge because I know the longer the system is down, the more it will cost me.

If you are needing emergency computer repair or after hours IT support, I highly recommend you contact Madison PC.  As stated in a couple different places on this site, I don’t own Madison PC and this is not a paid advertisement for their company, but if you’re needing  emergency PC Repair  after hours, I would give Madison PC a call first.  You won’t be disappointed with their service or the price.


Fix Slow Computer Problem With Remote PC Support

If you’ve ever had to carry your computer in to get it looked at you know how frustrating this can be. A simple solution is to have a tech remotely access your computer and check out the problem. Madison PC has remotely accessed my computer several times. While this may not save me a service charge, it does save me the hassle of lugging my computer to the shop. If you need to fix slow a computer, give Jeff a call and ask him about the possibilities of doing a remote assess.  The phone call is free and it won’t take long to have you back to full speed.  The contact info for Madison PC can be found to the left of this article.

Fix Slow Computer Problem with Remote PC Support


James Madison

Computer problems are of various types, but the most common one is slow PC problem. Almost all the computer users come across slow PC problems. Regardless of configuration, computer slows down over time. There are a number of reasons behind this like registry errors, unwanted junk files and programs, unnecessary folders, etc. many a times computer slows down due to viruses, malware and other malicious objects. If you experience sudden slow down of your computer, it might be the result of viruses. Sometimes, operating system issues also make the computer run sluggishly.


Now the question is how to make your computer free from this problem and run like a new one? Well, there are hundreds of reasons and to fix the issue, one must go to the root of the problem. So, first and foremost proper diagnosis is required. For a computer user it is very daunting task. More importantly, if he/she does not have expertise, it will never be possible to fix slow computer problem.


Typically, to resolve these kinds of issues, you first need to check the computer Registry for errors, and a full virus scan of your computer is required. In addition, you should also check for other errors as well. It is true that there are many registry repair software programs in the market (some of them are available for free) which could be used. To deal with viruses and other malicious objects, you can use a good antivirus software program.


Most of the computer users find difficulties to fix registry issues and virus problems. Sometimes, it is seen that an important file of the operating system is infected by viruses, now deleting those files may cause system malfunctioning. Here comes the importance of an online computer support service provider. Popularly known as remote computer support this mode of services are easily available, affordable, and reliable.


Once you get in touch with an online registry repair company, it takes control of your PC with your computer and run a full registry scan. Then they fix all the registry issues and make your computer perform like a new one. They use the same methodology for detecting and deleting viruses. They run a complete virus scan and delete all the viruses.


The main advantage of remote PC support is that you don\’t need to take your computer to a PC repair shop to get it fixed. This requires lot of time, effort and money. Instead, these remote computer service providers use screen sharing software and resolve the issue right in front of you. You don\’t need to wait days for a computer repair technician. Just pick up the phone and dial the number of a reliable online tech support service provider and make your old computer perform like a new.

Article Source:

About the Author

You will find numerous online computer repair companies around you. Just browse internet and get in touch with any of them. These companies offer tech support at a very reasonable cost.

Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Computer Repair Service

Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Computer Repair Service
By Ben David

Choosing a computer repair service can be frustrating, especially if you are not at least somewhat familiar with modern computer jargon. In most cases, a simple phone call can help determine if the repair technician is worth the time it takes to carry your computer to them. With most repair services, you will likely be expected to explain a little bit of what is going on and use the proper language when describing the problems. However, the average computer owner has little knowledge of the technical and trade names for what is happening with their computer. The goal of this article is to provide three things to consider when choosing a computer repair service.

I am no computer expert and when I have problems, I call the technician and explain things in a way that makes sense to me. The stereotypical computer geek will then begin to babble in some technical language. He might as well be speaking Martian because I get lost somewhere between the first processor speed and operating system. Usually what I do at this point is ask him or her to explain this so a third grader could understand it because that is about my IQ when it comes to having my computer repaired.

The first thing to consider when having to hire the services of a computer specialist is; “can the tech understand what I am saying, and can I understand what they are saying.” There is no point in dragging out the process and wasting money if we are not both on the same page.

For example, a person may say “My CD’s don’t play when I put then in the modem.” Being the ever-wise tech, he or she would probably realize you don’t put a CD into the modem. Nevertheless, trying to explain that a modem does not read a CD would only further frustrate a consumer such as me. So ask some questions to see if you can understand them, and more importantly can they understand you before you drop off your computer, and especially before you lay down your hard-earned money.

Secondly, a good computer repair service will be able to give you a price for standard services upfront. Most service repair companies will have a set fee for things like reloading software, virus removal, or adding hardware, and they may charge an additional fee for a service call. While they may charge extra for some work, they should be able to give you a close estimate of what the work will cost before starting. It should be clear that no additional work will be paid for if it is not approved before the work is done. Leave a contact number at which you can be reached in case they find other problems that need attention.

Finally, do your home work. Find out what others are saying about this company. One easy way to do that is by reading reviews online. If a computer repair service has been in business for very long they can probably be found somewhere on the internet. You can usually find reviews from others who have used their services. Ask friends if they have used this particular company or if they have heard of any one who has. Word travels fast if someone has a bad experience with a service company.

So the next time you need your computer serviced, hopefully you will consider these three things before you select a computer repair technician.

For more information about selecting a computer repair technician visit my site at

Article Source:  Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Computer Repair Service

Windows Explorer Explained: Changing the Layout

By Rick Broida, PCWorld Nov 29, 2010 9:31 am

Windows Explorer (not to be confused with Internet Explorer, the Web browser) is Microsoft’s built-in file and folder manager. It’s a useful tool, but confusing in places and not very intuitive for novice users. (Heck, even finding it isn’t always obvious.)

For example, if you’re a Windows 7 user, you may be wondering why Explorer lacks the pull-down menus (File, Edit, View, etc.) found in previous versions (and, indeed, in most other programs).

Answer: sometimes Microsoft makes changes merely for the sake of making changes. Fortunately, not all of those changes are irreversible. Let’s take a look at some ways to change the layout of Windows Explorer–including restoring those pull-down menus.

(Note: Today’s how-to focuses solely on Windows 7.)

First, run Explorer (my preferred method: press Windows-E). Next, click the Organize button near the top-left corner of the Window. Mouse over Layout, then check out the four options that appear:

The first of these is Menu Bar, which, by default, is disabled. Click it and those familiar pull-down menus magically reappear.

As for the other three, here’s what they do:

Details pane: The Details pane appears at the bottom of the Explorer window. True to its name, it provides details on whatever item(s) you’ve selected–drives, files, folders, etc. However, you get very little info on drives and folders, and a bunch of mostly unnecessary info on files, so consider unchecking Details pane to free up some extra viewing area in Explorer.

Preview pane: One of Explorer’s hidden gems, the Preview pane (which appears to the right) shows a preview of whatever file you click: Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PDF, photo, etc. That’s a great way to make sure you’ve found the file you want before you actually open it. Even better, click a music file or video and you can play it right in the Preview pane (as long as it’s compatible with Windows Media Player). I consider this an essential part of Windows Explorer, so by all means enable it.

Navigation pane: The Navigation pane is the one on the left side of Explorer. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to access Favorites, Libraries, Homegroup, and everything else. Unless you have some specific reason for disabling it, I’d leave it alone.

I’ll talk more about Explorer in the days to come. In the meantime, if you have a specific question about the tool, send it my way:


Has this ever happened to you?

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting to work and realizing you have left a much needed document at home. I found this article that gives some good tips on how to avoid this trouble. If you need help setting up remote access, check out the featured computer tech to the right of this article or visit them by clicking here.

What to Do When Your Info Is Stuck at Home
By Phillip Presley

Consider this scenario: you have spent all night working on an important project. You transfer the files from your computer to your jump drive. However, when you arrive at the office you realize you have left your jump drive (and your precious data) at home. Naturally, you head home to retrieve the project. There is an easy way to avoid this situation, and that is by installing PC remote access software.

Setting up remote access to your home computer is straightforward, and you will avoid unproductive circumstances. Instead of traveling all the way back home to pick up the jump drive of files, you would have simply logged onto your remote desktop software at work, and transferred the files from your home PC to your work computer. This benefit can drastically increase your productivity.

When you install remote desktop software on your home computer you have the capacity to gain access to your computer from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world. You will have access to your home PC when you are on vacation, or traveling on company business. Any file that is on the computer that has the remote software on it can be reached.

Most remote access programs have a built in surveillance mode. Many programs can track keystrokes and mouse movements in real time. This capacity allows you to track how your computer is being used while you are not physically there. The Internet is a dangerous place, especially for children. Use this security feature to keep your kids safe from predators. In addition, you can oversee the websites they are surfing. This benefit alone is worth installing the remote software on the home PC.

Another alternative for remote access software is to install the program on your work computer. This gives you the ability to connect to work projects at home. Consider if you are feeling a bit under the weather and cannot make it to work, yet, you have a deadline to meet. Simply log onto the remote server from your home PC and you will be working as if you are right in the office. Equally important, your employees can work from home should the need arise.

In today’s busy world, many people are forced to work during vacations. If the PC remote software is installed on your work computer you can track your office’s productivity. You will instantly know if your employees are working the projects you assigned to them. Plus, you will know if anybody in the office is using your PC. This is a great tool to help or train someone in the office when you are not there.

Overall, PC remote access software can increase your work production, and make you more efficient, which is vital in the current economic climate. This software gives you the ability to help your staff without being physically present, and offers the ability to use this program at home to monitor your children’s Internet habits, thereby keeping them safe. Never again worry about forgetting a project you worked from home; simply log into the remote program’s server and you have the data you need.

This article was written by Phillip Presley on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your Remote Desktop Software, Remote Control Software, and PC Remote Access needs.

Article Source:  What to Do When Your Info Is Stuck at Home

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Choosing the best brand of computer can be overwhelming especially if you are the average consumer who knows little about how a computer works.  I’m no expert on how a computer works and it’s frustrating trying to decide if the Dell is a better by than the Hewlett Packard or if the Toshiba is faster than the Acer.  Well maybe a Mac is better for me, oh and isn’t there something about that new Sony that makes it the best on the market.

There are a number of things to consider when making the decision to purchase a new computer.  It may not be in your best interest to make a decision based on price alone yet some times the best computer may not always be the most expensive.  While it can be a challenge to decide which is the best choice for your personal needs, don’t pick the first computer you come to.  Below is an article that highlights some things you should consider when investing in your personal computer.

How To Choose The Right Computer

By Greg Pierce

The computer is one of the most important machines that a person should have. It is becoming a household machine, as it is being used for  almost everything. In line with this, there are many computer shops and computer brands that one can find in the market today; this is why shopping for a computer is now becoming a challenge for many. If you are planning to buy a brand new computer, here are some things you should first consider.

When buying a computer, you should decide on what kind would you like to have. Do you want to have a desktop or a laptop? If you are a person who travels a lot or a student who needs to be in school most of the time, then you may want to have a laptop for your convenience. If you are just in the house or if you will use this machine inside the office, you can have a desktop computer.

You should also think of your needs as a computer user.  if you are a gamer,  then you need a big RAM and video card. If you are a businessman,  then you need to have a computer with good Internet wireless connection.

Your budget should also be taken into consideration. Find a computer that will perfectly fit your budget. If you cannot afford to buy a new one, there are many computer shops that sell slightly used second-hand desktop or laptop computers. These types can be an alternative if you do not have that much money.

Choose the brand as well, there are many computer brands out there and most of them offer high performance and quality computers. Ask for recommendations from your friends or a computer expert regarding which brand will work perfectly for you. Do your own research as well for you to know some information about some of the best computer brands there are.

Whether you want a desktop or a laptop, it does not matter as long as you have a computer that will cater to your everyday needs as a student or a businessman. Knowing the specifications and how fast your computer will work will give you a better understanding of your computer and will give you a hassle-free time in using it. Find a computer that will perfectly fit your budget regardless of the brand.  Affordable computers in the market today are now also of high quality and performance.

Looking for a quality computer that fits your budget? Refurbished laptop computers are the answer. Order now a refurbished laptop computer of your choice

Article Source: How To Choose The Right Computer

Computer Tips

If you spend any amount of time working on the computer, the last thing you want to do is lose the information you have invested hours in creating.  Worse than that is losing information that can’t be replaced such as pictures, inspiring emails, and personal reflections.

One-way to prevent such a loss is by doing a data backup on your computer and there are many ways you can do this.  However, if you, like me, are not a computer technician, the easiest way is to purchase a portable hard drive or an external hard drive.  They are very easy to use and are inexpensive considering the amount of time and effort you have invested into the things you are backing up.

The basic concept of the external or portable hard drive is simple.  They typically are connected to your computer by a USB cord which in most cases comes with the product and most computers have at least a couple USB ports some where on the back or side.  Just for clarification USB port is a small rectangular slot that usually has a white piece in the center.

Once the device is connected to the computer, you can move, save, or copy your files to it and depending on the brand or size you get, it can be taken with you. This is perhaps the most convenient and easiest way to back up any files or documents you may want to protect on your computer.

Another way to protect your pictures, documents, or files is by doing an online data backup.  There are several of these services available and most are very simple to use.  You will need a little bit of computer knowledge to work your way through the process but if you can send an email with an attachment you shouldn’t have any problems backing up your system online.  If you do get stuck customer service can usually walk you through the process.

Below is a checklist for helping you develop a data backup plan, maybe this will be helpful.

Computer Backup Plan
By: Hope Player

Did you just hear your computer crash? What a heart stopping sound! But, you have a backup, so no worries, right? Maybe not.

There are many free or inexpensive ways to back up data, but it is your
responsibility to set up the process properly. I just learned that lesson the
hard way. Whether you use a flash drive, external hard drive, or a remote backup service, how do you know if everything is actually being backed up? Remember, you are backing up data files only–not your software programs. Here are ten tips to help you design your computer backup plan

1.Make a list of the software programs you use regularly, and remove programs and files on your computer that you don’t. Getting rid of the excess makes your operating system run more efficiently.

2.Review the types of files you maintain. Pictures, scans, pdf documents, and graphics take a lot of storage space, so determine what you really need to keep. Consider moving personal photos, music, etc., to a flash drive or some other storage site–away from your business data.

3.Understand how your data files are organized. I recommend that you print your file hierarchy to assure you set up your backup correctly.

4.Determine how much data storage you need. If you’re using an onsite backup like an external hard drive, you need to know it has enough space to handle your current data, as well as your anticipated growth. With a remote backup system, you pay for storage in increments of space, and it’s easy to buy more when you need it. Plan wisely and don’t underestimate your needs.

5.Locate your original software CD’s. Store them in a safe place, like a safe
deposit box. Make sure you have the correct information for your software
programs so you can reinstall them in case of a computer disaster. You will need pass keys, registration information, instructions, etc. You will also need to reinstall hardware, like printers, scanners, keyboards, etc. You can do that from your original CD’s or you can download the drivers to get going again.

6.If you use a remote backup service, read the instructions very closely. Mozy says it scans your hard drive and locates the data to be backed up. That’s great! You’re done, right? I learned that it identifies most files that people want backed up. If you have specialized programs, those data files would be overlooked. You have to know what files need to be backed up (see #2).

7.When you have completed the initial transfer of data, verify that it was done correctly. Remote services don’t know if they received everything you wanted them to get. They can confirm what they received, not if it’s complete.

8.Schedule automatic backups. Set a time when the computer is idle so it won’t interfere with your productivity. Any new files and data that has changed since the previous backup will be updated.

9.Is one back up enough? Do you need to have an onsite as well as a remote
backup? If losing your data will force your business to close, why not? Data
storage devices are cheap, but recovering lost data is expensive and time

10.Hire an IT consultant to help. Even the smallest businesses require assistance to harness the power of technology. Just like your attorney and accountant, you need a computer professional on your team, too. And the worst time to go looking for one is after disaster strikes!

Hope Player started her own business and learned very quickly things were a lot different when you sign the front of the check, rather than the back. She is the Managing Member of The Arcadian Group, LLC, a CPA firm in New Jersey which provides consulting services to startup businesses and their owners. Hope is the chair of the Financial Literacy Committee of NJ Society of CPAs, Treasurer of International Women’s Writing Guild and is the author of Find The Numbers For Your Business Plan.

Article Source: Computer Backup Plan

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